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Explore Products

Explore Products

AMZInsight tool helps in discovering potential products and niche opportunities to launch your selling career on Amazon.
Market Place Trends

Dissect Market Place Trends

Analyze your product against our 10 defined Amazon marketplaces to identify the potential of selling your goods in each of them.
Market Place Trends

Easy-to-Use Dashboard

Start a quick search of your product or keyword using AMZInsight’s sleek and clean dashboard interface.
Keyword Difficulty Checker

Amazon Keyword Difficulty Checker

AMZInsight reveals if the keywords you’re using are good enough to rank your products on page 1 of Amazon or within the top 5 best sellers.
Keyword Popularity Analyzer

Keyword Popularity Analyzer

Ranked on a scale of 0 – 100, our Amazon seller tool will tell you demand popularity against your searched keyword. The lesser the popularity, the more you can sell.
Keyword Ideas Generator

One Click Data Export

Download all the data provided by AMZInsight straight to your computer in Excel format for future, offline reference.
Keyword Ideas Generator

Keyword Ideas Generator

Get more potential keyword ideas which can help you sell your products more on Amazon, ultimately improving your sales ROI. Search your Amazon selling keywords today.
Featured Keywords

Amazon Keyword Optimization

We help you identify how competitors are optimizing their Amazon product listings for top ranks. Optimize your products to generate more click-throughs.

Tracking Features


Organic Rank Tracking

We help in ranking your products on Amazon amongst the best sellers, organically. Track your and competitors’ rankings and optimize them accordingly to beat the competition.
BSR Tracking

Amazon BSR Tracking

Discover how Amazon’s best seller ranks change over time and what that entails for your products. The higher your BSR, the more your sales will be.
Product Price Tracking


Track changes in the product pricing to get an insight about what your pricing strategy should be to remain in the competition.
Ratings & Reviews Tracking

Ratings & Reviews Tracking

What is the average rating of a product and how many reviews has it earned overtime? Also, learn how frequently customers pen down reviews for the product.

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