AMZinsight provides product and keyword tracking, both. This includes keyword suggestions, keyword trends’ tracking, approximate rank change tracking and the like.

Once you upload the products and start tracking, we display various graphs, pie charts, trend lines and bar charts to demonstrate different data analytics. We continue to update the graphs with the latest data added in to show the overall effect. This helps you make smart Amazon selling decision.

We are a web-based application and we plan to have an extension/add-on/plug-in in the future.

No, we are an independent Amazon research tool.

Since we track historical data, it is stored and secured forever. You can always login again and access your data.

We do not have a bulk upload option at the moment but plan to add this feature soon. For now, every product needs to be entered into our tool one-by-one and we start tracking all of them together.

Our product tracker is capable of tracking products individually and collectively. You just have to add individual products and click the Start Tracking button.

As we are in process of launching the new version of AMZInsight, the export feature is disabled, but will be live soon. It’ll allow you to export all your keyword ideas data in the form of an Excel or PDF file.

To cancel the subscription, follow the steps below:

  • You just have to login to your amzinsight app account
  • Click on your name at the extreme right corner at the top
  • Go to Members Area
  • Go to membership Settings
  • Click Cancel
  • Give the Reason
  • Press Submit

Our Amazon research tool supports the following amazon marketplaces:

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