Negative Reviews on Amazon? Learn how to deal with them

As an online retailer, you’ll have to face negative product reviews on daily basis. The effect of these reviews on your business lies in the way you deal with them. Retailer-customer relationship is one of the most significant aspects of any profession. Therefore, as soon as you see any negative customer review popping up on […]

Can Product Reviews and Ratings be termed as “Indirect Marketing”?

Reviews and ratings do play a great part when it comes to the performance of a particular product. Every seller will only speak the good about his product and not only that he will also make sure that he discredits the substitutes so much, that his product eventually emerges out the victorious (even though the […]

How to Track and Deal Negative Reviews on Amazon?

Negative reviews or low ratings on Amazon are always annoying for the sellers. It drops the average rating of the product on Amazon especially when you have very less reviews count by the customers. Even if your product has good rating still many customers specifically look for the negative reviews to get the idea of […]

2 Best Approaches to Find a Profitable Product to Sell on Amazon

If you are looking to expand your eCommerce business on Amazon or already selling on Amazon and need to enter new niches, there are two approaches to find the best product in a niche. Search Products with AMZ Insight The goal is to generate product ideas that you can sell on Amazon to start or […]

Customer is King – The Importance of Reviews and Ratings on Amazon

As quoted by Michael LeBoeuf, “A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all”, Amazon has always maintained high emphasis on customer satisfaction. One of the main reasons why customers are attracted towards Amazon, is the presence of reviews about that product, which basically helps them understand about almost every detail of the product. […]

5 Ways to Increase Verified Amazon Reviews

If you stay in touch with e-commerce news, you’ll know that Amazon is now frequently cracking down on fake reviews. If you just buy reviews for your product – you’re taking a very real risk of not just being banned from Amazon for life, but also getting into some very real legal drama. Since you […]

How to Win the Amazon Iron Throne with AMZInsight – Game of Thrones Edition

Still reeling from the latest game of thrones shocker? We are, too. So we decided to join in with our friends from Westeros and play the game of thrones in the Amazon marketplace. Becoming a part of the best sellers on Amazon is similar to fighting a battle for the iron throne. The competition is […]

Are You Paying Attention to Your Product Reviews?

A review done by Dimensional Research claims that 90%of consumers online believe their purchasing choices are influenced by product reviews. Many customers consider positive reviews a prerogative to purchasing goods online, especially those that cost more. Therefore, it is very important for new Amazon sellers to understand that product reviews can make or break their […]

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