5 Amazon BSR Secrets to Surpass Competitors’ Sales

AMZInsight users write to us quite frequently about Amazon sales rank and how it can be controlled to bring sellers to the top. 1.   You Need AMZInsight’s Amazon Sales Rank Tracking To beat the competition, you need to keep an eye on your competition. Amazon rank tracking tool: Once you signup, you can enable product […]

How Can You Influence Your Customer’s Purchasing Decisions?

In the age of social media, consumers tend to know about their brands a lot more than when the internet was not commonplace. In an age of increasing interactions, one has to wonder why customers feel closer to some brands as compared to others. An amazon seller will probably feel this difference more, since customers […]

The 4-Step Guide to Effective Online Branding for Your Amazon Business

With new sellers registering on Amazon every day, customers find it hard to distinguish products, let alone brands. Here’s what you can do to increase sales through branding your product on Amazon: Brand Awareness People will be aware of your brand when they can identify it by some point of uniqueness – no matter what […]

Climb Your Way to the top of Amazon BSRs – Sherlock Holmes Edition

Do you have competitors ranking higher than you on your Amazon BSRs? So grab your magnifying glasses because we’re about to tell you exactly what to do. Nothing feels as great as having the “#1 Best Seller” tag on your page. On the other hand, nothing feels worse than seeing the same tag on your […]

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