Indonesia – Sourcing In A G-20 Country That’s Not Named China

Out of the entire area of Southeast Asia, the archipelago nation of Indonesia has the region’s largest economy and is one of the most populated areas in the world. Behind only the European Union, Indonesia has the world’s fifth largest population and the world’s sixteenth largest economy by nominal GDP. Amazon sellers who are looking […]

Selling on Amazon: Pitfalls to Avoid

With over 300 million shoppers, Amazon is an attractive marketplace for virtually any type of seller. More than 80% of total consumers bought something online, and the vast majority of them likely purchased something from Amazon. It might shock you to hear that there are over 100,000 sellers with over $100,000 in sales on Amazon, […]

FedEx Takes a Swing at Amazon with FedEx Fulfillment

Less than two months ago FedEx launched FedEx fulfillment, a new service aimed to compete with Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), as competition between the e-commerce giant and traditional logistic companies continues to heat up. Like FBA, FedEx fulfillment focuses on small and medium sized sellers, especially those who operate brick and mortar stores and have […]

Sourcing Amazon Products from China? 3 Tips to Nail It!

After completing your Amazon product research, finding the suppliers require time and effort. This is little bit too complicated to find the suppliers from China, especially when there is a huge cultural, language and business ethics gap between you and Chinese supplier. Establishing a direct person-to-person relationship is the key to success for the foundation […]

Negative Reviews on Amazon? Learn how to deal with them

As an online retailer, you’ll have to face negative product reviews on daily basis. The effect of these reviews on your business lies in the way you deal with them. Retailer-customer relationship is one of the most significant aspects of any profession. Therefore, as soon as you see any negative customer review popping up on […]

Beginner on AMAZON? 5 Most Beneficial Tips to Help You Excel!

Experience speaks! Every field defies its beginners. And, learning is a gradual process. Where learning and guidance meet, there comes the new level of accomplishment. Hence, after gathering considerable knowledge from my years of selling on Amazon, there is no possible explanation for me not sharing it with you. For all the beginners out there, […]

Five Myths About Amazon; Things May Not Be Exactly The Way You Thought!

New into the realm of Amazon? Well, as a beginner, you might have a number of misconceptions and doubts about this online marque. Don’t worry. This is completely justified in your part! E-commerce brings these possible uncertainties with it. However, to excel in this online business, you’ll first have to overcome all the fears. Never […]

Why Do brands Need Amazon Tracking?

Amazon, being online retail giant, has become one of the important sales and distribution channel for many brands across the world. The reason behind is the order volume that come through the Amazon to the sellers. Since the successful launch of Amazon Prime program hundreds of thousands of consumers have signed up to experience the […]

Guide to Amazon PPC Campaign Structuring

In this post we’ll provide you detailed guide on how you can structure your Amazon PPC campaign in order to get the maximum benefits. Structure of Amazon sponsored products comprises on 3 major things; Campaigns, Ad Groups, Products and Keywords. Sellers have to decide which products and keywords will be added in which ad group […]

The Code Unlocked – Why to use an Amazon Tracking Tool

Do you know each year, an average Amazon seller loses around 25% of his sales to his competitor, solely because of his unawareness of what actually is going around in his competitor’s tent. When it comes to business, whether online or physical, the situation is not different from a war-zone. Precision and calculation are important, […]

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