Thinking of starting your own Amazon business? Use the following checklist to ensure you have all you need to begin.

Sort Out Tax Details

  • State Sales Tax Number – the following details are asked for:
    • Name and office address of business
    • ID issued for sales tax
    • Description of items bought and sold
    • Signature
  • Taxpayer’s ID Number
  • Business License (only required for specific kinds of home businesses).

Stock Up on Supplies Needed to Run Amazon Sales Account

  • A Computer – preferably desktop
  • An AMZInsight account subscription for initial research
  • Cardboard boxes for packaging
  • Packaging tape
  • Printer
  • Pens and notepads
  • Newspapers as fill material
  • Amazon app on your smartphone
  • Printout of your logo (optional)
  • Shrink wrap
  • Warning stickers

Get an Amazon Account

  • Legally registered name and address
  • Credit Card Number
  • VAT number
  • Bank account number
  • Logo of your business
  • Shipping prices
  • Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Deciding on a Product

  • Market requirement and demand
  • Possible profit margin
  • Weight and shipping ease (should preferably be lightweight)
  • Storage space needed
  • Competition in the niche
  • Technical requirements for product (for perishable goods)
  • Google trends’ graph for product
  • Government policies
  • Amazon policies (especially for restricted categories)

Deciding on a Supplier

  • Type of supplier needed:
    • In-house
    • Inter-factory
    • Outside
  • Product price
  • Foreign exchange rates (if importing the product)
  • Costs of any changes you may want
  • Cost of shipping
  • Product variations
  • Availability of free product samples
  • Tax rates
  • Warranty of product
  • Professionalism, amiability and dedication of the supplier

Product Details Required

  • Get barcode assigned (if you’ve made your own product)
  • Find outsourced product’s barcode
  • Title of your product
  • Price of your product
  • Features of the product in bullets
  • Description of product
  • Classify the product in relevant categories and sub-categories
  • HQ Product Image
  • Other, minor product page details

SEO for Product Page

  • Use to figure out popular keywords
  • Enter at least 1 main keyword in title
  • Enter at least 1 main keyword in bullets
  • Enter at least 2 keywords in description
  • Meta-keywords (that weren’t included on-page)
  • At least five feature bullets
  • At least 5 product images

Choosing a Shipping Company

  • Cost for average size of your product
  • Places where they ship (and if they reach your target customers)
  • Speed and tracking
  • Insurance of products being shipped
  • Reputation with other sellers
  • You can choose from:
    • Free shipping
    • Real-time carriers
    • Multiple shipping
    • Flat-rate shipping