How is Amazon Price Tracker Awesome?

Amazon has several million listed products. The prices of these products change with time. Some change monthly, some daily and some hourly. In case you are selling any particular product, it is important to track these changes. With AMZ Insight, you can easily track price changes and stay updated with the trends in the Amazon Marketplace.


Tracking Price Changes Made Easy

AMZ Insight is a web based solution that is specially made for research on Amazon to facilitate sellers. Using AMZ Insight, one can easily track price changes over a period of time and also track upward and downward trends in Prices.

Analyse Price Trends on Amazon

Once you have started price tracking on AMZ Insight, after 6 hours, you will be able to get price trends from the 1st day, onwards. These price trends can be used to analyse the rise and fall in prices over a period of time, helping sellers understand which product is performing better and how much revenue is expected.